WICK FT-200 2 Stroke

"Portable floating high pressure fire pump"

Portable floating high pressure fire pump

The floating fire pump meets the rugged demands of forestry services and also used for marine service, dewatering, pool maintenance, environmental clean-up and irrigation.
Unique hard anodized aluminum impeller and housing
Automatic throttle control
Unique electronic overspeed protection
Pump end is designed for easy field maintenance
Unique fuel lever gauge
Face-type mechanical seal is standard. No adjustment required
Built-in intake screen
Water-resistant air cleaner and muffler
8 horsepower, 8.20 cu. in. (134cc) displacement, air-cooled
Recoil hand starter
Carburetor with integral fuel pump
Solid-state ignition
Electronic over-speed protection cut-out switch
Nikasil plated cylinder bore
Ball bearing-supported crankshaft
Roller bearing-equipped connecting rod
Uses unleaded gasoline and oil mixed
Automatic float controlled throttle

Model Description

WICK FT-200 Fire Pump

Base model